The social wisdom meter that boosts conversions based on the truth.

Let’s face it, sponsored reviews no longer work.
The truth sells. feelter brings the most authentic, relevant, un-manipulated wisdom of the crowd from social networks right to your products, helping back your customers’ micro-moment decisions, without them ever having to leave your page. 

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feelter is so much more than a clickable score, it is a smart widget that brings your customers 


Today, when it comes to shopping, searching, booking and opinions, consumers have changed the rules of the game. They are relying more and more on social media. They are searching for the truth. And we believe the truth can serve brands (and people) far better than made-up reviews. That’s when we decided to listen to consumers and bring the truth to them, by creating feelter.


Smadar Landau

Founder, CEO & board member

Zohar Israel


Saar Szekely

VP Product

Arik Ben Yair


Jecky Bershteyn


Gilad Rave

Senior Developer

Kfir Tahary

Director of services

Ron Bookshtein

Product Manager