How It Works

Exclusive investment network for israeli & american startups
  • Primary Filtering - Selection of potential ideas
  • Secondary Filtering - In-Depth Feasibility and due diligent
  • Tertiary Filtering - Formation of a professional team
  • Decision Making

SmartStart will provide Bseed on an ongoing basis with select new ventures which have been evaluated as suitable for investment by small-scale investors.   The angelerator provides Bseed with the organizational, marketing and legal information and resources required to grow our seed portfolio companies. By combining our network of experts with our investor community of over 1,000 investors in Israel, and their network worldwide, we're able to accelerate the success of our portfolio companies.   Bseed is giving you the opportunity to invest in a Basket of startups to diversify your investment.   Bseed investments is a seed and early-stage venture capital fund in NY, We cater to the Accredited and Non-Accredited Investor.