Our Startups

Codipark app connects drivers with parking lots in cities, by providing information about location, availability, and prices, CodiPark facilitates smart, easy and efficient parking payment at all times without ever having to stand in line to use a payment station in parking lots.
SkySaver is a world renowned personal rescue system for use in high-rise buildings--certified by the ASTM and ANSI standards for Controlled Descent Devices.
Intervyo (Powered by IBM) is an innovative Tel Aviv based B2B SAAS start-up revolutionizing the recruitment industry. By leveraging cutting edge technologies Intervyo is automating the interviewing process!
Appdate Me/Connectoo is an App that helps parents and teachers of preschoolers maintain good daily contact by providing updated information of each child in real time to ensure that the child is healthy and safe.
JettaPlus.com is a marketplace where travelers with nonrefundable but transferable flight tickets can recoup some of their costs by selling them to online shoppers in search of great deals.
Croosing is shifting the internet from manual to automatic – and accelerating the conversion of followers into business. Croosing evolves the active and solo experience of surfing into the passive and mass experience of Croosing.
Urban Aeronautics Ltd. has developed advanced aerodynamic technologies that are the basis for Drones and an entirely new family of internal rotor (ducted fan) aircraft known as Fancraft™
An app that allows organizations to send limited time,directed marketing content and personalized sales information to their followers, similar to a combination of Groupon and Snapchat
At Kisslev we believe that saying thank you can change people’s entire lives. That is how the idea was born to create a social platform with automatic donation portals stationed at public bodies and organizations such as hospitals and malls.
Meet Feelter, the Startup That Makes Online Shoppers Buy Now, Not After Endless Consultation. Today people go online, find a product they like – and leave the site to consult social networks. Feelter breaks that cycle.
Recruit a perfect-match employee while doubling the employee's quality & process efficiency, in 75% direct cost reduction.
Swathly is the only online B2B marketplace designed for the $1T print industry. We make it easy for printers and vendors to find each other based on the machinery they use, sell, service, or supply.

We love technology, and make the most of it to bring superior products to our customers.Our founders are technology geeks who have track record in bringing software products into the marketplace

WonderTip’s mission is to set the new gold standard in earwax management and removal, by introducing innovative products for professional ear care givers and homecare users.